Sunday, June 9, 2013

We Must Do Something About Gun Violence, Unless...

So Like most people, I read about the shooting in California the other day that left 6 dead and 5 wounded. My first thought is, OK, more people are dead and the anti-gun groups are going have another piece of grist for the mill. Then, yesterday, I see that it may not quite happen. This unfortunate incident apparently contains another element to it that may cause it to quietly fade.
Simply put, the shooter's name is Zwahiri. And while banning guns is always a favorite subject of the left wing, they're political correctness just might prevent them from making too much of a shooting incident that involves a Moslem. As much as certain groups would love to parade this loss of life through the media to achieve one end, the same groups probably won't want to take the chance of stirring up anti-Moselm sentiment. Such is the way of life in 21st century America.

Only time will tell.

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