Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Are People Getting Weaker In The Digital Age?

I found the following article pretty interesting. In particular, the part at the end about the fact tghat while lifespans are increasing, general health is not.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

So Banning Firearms in The U.K. Reduces Violent Crime....Not

And someone needs to tell them that making sharp, pointy objects illegal is pretty much a fruitless endeavor as well.

Monday, December 3, 2018

How A Well Dressed Gentleman Carried And Used His .45 Colt Revolver in 1918

The below scan is from the Volume XLII, Number 6, December, 1918 issue of Outdoor Life. You'll notice the gentlemen in the photos display several types of Colt Revolvers as well as varying ways to carry and use them.
Both Single and Double revolvers are show as well pairing with a knife, how to push a companion out of the way of danger, as well several locations for carrying and using your knee as a brace to steady your aim.

As with the 'Self Defense in the Street' manual by Renaud that I reviewed a couple of weeks ago, people in the early 20th century were far more aware of practical methods of protecting themselves from criminals than we would like to think.

Remember to click on the image to increase the viewing size. Make sure you read the dialog at the bottom of the pictures.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

On The Subject Of Unarmed Knife Defenses

I'm a fan of Rory Miller's material. About a year ago he quit posting at his Chiron Blog and pretty much moved on to bigger and better forms of Social Media. While scanning through some of his older Blog posts I found the one I've lined to below. it's right in line with my own thoughts on the subject of defending yourself against a knifer when you're unarmed.

Frankly, as the years have passed and I've seen or tried a boatload of empty handed knife defenses I've come to an inescapable conclusion.

They all suck.

Miller's Blog Post, which BTW is 11 years old, does a nice job of summing things up in a nutshell.

Friday, November 23, 2018

The Snowflake Mentality "What Kind of A Person Carries a Knife?"

The kind who actually works for a living and doesn't live in a fantasy Virtual Reality world.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Here's hoping everybody is enjoying their Holiday Bird!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Want to Learn Something New? Read An Old Book

I recently reviewed the English translation of Jean-Joseph Renaud's Manual 'Defense In The Street'. Over the course of many years worth of looking at manuals on Self Defense, Sport Martial Arts, Combatives, etc., I have noticed a trend that is undeniable. Despite many peoples claiming to have come up with a new 'technique' or 'tactic', the truth is there is very little new under the sun.

Especially when it comes to unarmed fighting.

Whether someone came across it and decided to try it out to see if it had merit, or it just came out one day in a training session and it worked and they thought they had come up with something original is immaterial.
The fact remains that no matter what anybody thinks, the old saying holds true.

Sooner or later, everything old is new again.

As an example I'm putting up two images. You should recognize the tactic immediately. It's called 'The Fence' and it was brought out by Geoff Thompson in I believe the late 1980's.

The Fence - Geoff Thompson

And here we Jean-Joseph Renaud's version......from 1912, 70 years earlier.

To be clear, I am not making this comparison to slam Geoff Thompson in any way. It is simply my way of saying that you should not just discard something, whether it a handsaw for a sawz-all, a paint brush for a paint-sprayer, or a revolver for a semi-auto just because it appears to be the 'next big thing' being hyped in the current advertising cycle.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Combatives And The Use of Foul Tactics - Part 1 - Biting

A lot of self defense programs, especially the MMA based ones, have an ongoing complaint about the use of ‘Foul Tactics’ and how the Combatives based programs talk about those tactics like a magic wand. Over the next couple of weeks I will try to address these issues in a rational manner.

Now to a degree, their claims are legitimate. There are far too many yahoos running around the internet with claims of “I’ll just bite the guy to get him off me” or “I’ll fish-hook him to control him”, and the old “I’ll just poke him in the eye”. A lot of guys making these claims and putting up bad videos on Youtube, Vimeo, Liveleak, etc. do nothing but make themselve look stupid and Combatives in general look bad.

There’s no denying that.

However on the other side of the coin I could also just put up the list of techniques that are banned by the UFC, Bellator Fighting, and a host of other professional MMA Combat Sports businesses/organizations. But I’m sure everyone reading this can easily Google that information.

So, where does that leave us? As with most issues of this nature, the answer is most likely to be found somewhere in between. For the first installment of these articles I will be addressing the issue of biting.

A few weeks ago I came across a couple of videos on Youtube narrated by a guy who was also addressing the question of whether or not biting was a viable way to win a fight, particularly in the street. The guy showed 2 video incidents where a bite was used in a street fight. While both bites did an appreciable amount of damage, the biter wound up losing, while the guys who got bitten didn't realize the extent of the damage until after the fight. The presenter talking about these two altercations said after searching the internet he had found and watched numerous other videos and the result was usually the same.

He stated that while he had also found and watched videos where the guy getting bitten freaked out and wound up losing, it was not in the majority of the fights. The fact is that while the biters did manage to inflict subatntial damage on their opponents, it only rarely ended the altercation.

I'll let you guys watch and draw your own conclusions.

One of the things that stood out to me in both these videos, and which I have observed in other videos of street assaults (not all the time mind you) where other techniques other than biting were used, was how the recipient did not cave, run away or roll up in a ball calling for his mother. However I have seen numerous incidents where the recipient was shocked or startled for just a moment before he resumed his attack.

This brings me to where I will say that my Combatives instructor, the late Carl Cestari, always made it clear that when using these “Foul Tactics”, you should not depend on them to be fight stoppers. The point was that you had found yourself in a bad situation and using one of these techniques was your only option, and that the point was to create a momentary break in your opponents assault so that you might gain the space to transition to another, more effective technique or escape long enough to gain some distance.

After watching street attack videos for quite a few years now I have to say that it's amazing to me how many times I've seen someone on a Youtube or Liveleak video gain a momentary advantage over their attacker and then fail to capitalize on it. Whether from lack of skill, strength, conditioning, or simply the willingness to do what was necessary, they wasted an opportunity to prevail in a violent confrontation.

Above I showed you the two videos of the failure of the bite to stop an assault, now I’ll show you the classic video of a case where a bite stopped a trained athlete in his tracks and screwed up the results of a multi-million dollar boxing match.

Now in the case of the Tyson vs Holyfield video I think one of the reasons that the bite worked so well was because it was a sporting event, and Holyfield was stunned by the fact that he was bitten. This would be as opposed to a predatory attack in the street where both parties are in survival mode and both believe that their lives are in danger, not just facing the loss of some money and professional prestige.

So, to wrap this Blog Post up, in my opinion, while biting is an option that can be used to possibly help you break away from an attacker and give you time to either escape or mount a counter attack, it cannot and should not be relied upon to end a violent attack in the streets.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Venezuela Moves To Increase Social Stranglehold Amid Increasing Ties to China

With their economy faltering, social unrest spilling out into the streets, and over 1 million people (10% of the total population) fleeing the country Presidente Maduro and his Socialist regime are turning to China for help. A couple of months ago a Chine Navy Hospital ship made a visit to show support and there are indications of China looking to offer help with their faltering oil industry.

Now, it appears that Venezuela will be issuing new ID Smart cards that will be used for everything including voting, and getting services from the government. These cards will allow the current government to institute the same Social Credit system that China began using a bout a year ago. By tracking your activities they can punish you by denying services such as access to jobs, transportation, and by encouraging your friends and relatives to shun you for fear of retaliation against them.

It become more obvious all the time that China has big plans for Venezuela as a base of operations for the expansion of their plans to become an even greater player on the world stage than they already are. It's only a matter of time before we start seeing Chinese warships in such places as Puerto Cabello, the largest port city in Venezuela. As well as merchant vessels as part of their One Belt, One Road long range plan to dominate the worlds commercial logistics business.

Interesting times indeed.