Tuesday, May 12, 2020

On The Subject Of Spending Money On Self Defense Tools

"Let us bring sense to the world of personal protection.
There is a place for artistry. No matter what, some things will cost a lot of money. Guns and medical gear come to mind there.
I have saved my pennies to buy beautiful, hand made tools, because I like them and the makers need to be supported.
But, if you are involved in teaching and sharing personal protection, you need to realize that "regular people" will not spend $1100 for a fixed blade, over $100 for a sap or knuckles.
And we need to let them know they don't need to, and that there are alternatives.
There are still a couple custom knives I would love to have.
But, a $45 Chinese fixed blade will still save my ass if needed.
That is what Warfare Welfare means."

Terry Trahan - Dec 2019 


"Only Suckers Pay Wholesale"

Joe Blackthorn - Every day since 2005

Friday, May 8, 2020

Back To The Border....The Northern Border That Is....

It would appear that Trump has been having success on slowing down illegal crossings at the Southern Border.

So of course......

Illegal Northern Border Crossings on Rise.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Are You Over"Looking" Something On Your SHTF Supply List

If you're under 40 you probably aren't worried about this. However if you're over that delightful age number you need to stop collecting knives, buying firearms, hoarding ammo, acquiring medical supplies, and filling your closets with freeze dried food and other sundry items.

Follow the link below to what you're probably missing, and I'm sure you'll "see" what I'm talking about.   😏

Are These in Your Pile of Supplies?