Saturday, April 23, 2016

How Much Does It Cost For A NYC Concealed Carry Permit

Apparently $18,000.

$12,000 for the middleman while the other $6,000 worth of bribes gets divided among the three corrupt cops in the Licensing Division who then approve and expedite the License requests. The three cops involved have already been demoted and had their shields and weapons taken away.
The middleman has been arrested and charged with bribing those three officers (and by the way, we are not talking about patrolmen level officers here) and is currently out on bail.

To modify an old saying here, we must also add potential injury to insult as it would seem that one of the recipients of these "expedited' carry permits has had four (4) domestic abuse charges filed against him and had previously been arrested for forgery.

The above bribery scam has, over the last several years, resulted in the issuance of 150 "expedited" carry licenses. That comes out to a whopping $900,000 split between the three cops, and $1.8 MILLION for the middleman.

Oh yeah, just trust the government, they're here to help.........

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