Saturday, April 30, 2016

Digital Continues It's Inexorable March To Victory Over The Print Media

Gun magazine publisher, Harris Publications, abruptly announced to its staff several days ago that it was closing down effective April 29, 2016. This move will eliminate over a dozen shooting and firearms related periodicals and annuals.
Among the magazines shuttered:

Combat Handguns,
Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement,
Pocket Pistols,
Survivor’s Edge,
Tactical Weapons, and
Special Weapons for Military & Police.

In business for just about 40 years, the advent of internet based media has finally made it too difficult to turn a reasonable profit. Now I have to admit myself that I pretty much stopped buying gun related mags a few years back, but being an old geezer I feel a nostalgic loss of something that was part of my normal life for decades.

The links below are for articles with few some more specifics.

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