Tuesday, April 19, 2016

April 2016 Combatives Seminar at The Dungeon

The latest seminar is now in the Close Combat history books. 10 attendees from parts various and sundry were there. Guys came in from out of state and I'd like to thank everybody who came down. Pennsylvania, Vermont, Massachusetts, and several other states were represented. I'd like to thank Art for flying in and a special thanks goes out to Kurt for driving up all the way from Florida!
Thank you Gabe, Jim, Gilbert, Kurt, Art, Ben, Robert, Hal, Mike, Alan, and even my son for showing up and putting in the time.
The first day was a review of some of our core material with the addition of a couple of techniques that we haven't done in quite awhile such as developing power with the vertical EOH, and the double hand Chin Jab.
The second day of the edged weapons defense went well until Clint pulled a hamstring trying to do the 'Lightning-Like' kick that Fairbairn used to talk about.


After that, seeing as how the defensive knifework was pretty much covered anyway, Clint wisely decided to transition to showing some groundwork that didn't require much standing.

There was also an unfortunate miscommunication that resulted in Ralph not making it to the Seminar. In spite of those two problems we managed to get it done and I hope everybody who attended was able to leave with something useful to them.
Again my thanks to everyone who attended.

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