Tuesday, April 25, 2017

More on Antifa and "The Battle of Berkley"

So after getting away with all sorts of mayhem for months, a couple of weeks ago a group of Antifa brown shirts tried to disrupt a pro-Trump tally at Berkley. Things however did not go as planned. They Trump supporters at this event were neither geriatric war vets or women. Neither were they able to catch one lone victim and attack with with superior numbers.

This time they wound up dealing with Vets who weren't on Social Security, as well as some Bikers. The result wound up being called, as I mentioned in the title of this post "The Battle of Berkley", and it did not go well for Antifa.

One of the reports that came out of the clash was that a Trump supporter had been sprayed with OC gas and then bashed in the head with a skateboard.

The truth however was far funnier than any fiction.

As it turned out the victim was an Antifa participant who was mistaken for a Trump supporter because his mask had fallen off during a melee' with some real Trump supporters. His buddies then proceeded to put a hurting on him.

You just can't make this shit up!

See the link below. Video is included!


The resulting defeat at the hands of the Trump supporters has motivated talk among these modern day socialist Brown Shirts to start talking about getting some "combat training" and obtaining real weapons (ie; guns).

See link below:


Suffice to say that these asshats should mind the old saying that covers their current line of thought;

"Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it"

Oh yes, we are definitely living in 'Interesting Times'.

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