Thursday, April 27, 2017

Follow The Money

So, like any entity, Antifa needs cash to keep running. Organizing, recruiting new members, transportation to and from the riots they start, banners masks, hoodies, etc. All the paraphernalia, accessories and impedimenta you need to start trouble.

So where do they get it from you ask?

Well apparently George Soros, the Billionaire Socialist (there's an oxymoron for you) seems to have special place in whatever passes for his heart for Antifa. Not hat he writes them a check directly mind you. Oh no, too obvious.

The Alliance For Social Justice, you can Google themselves to see what other delightful groups and projects they support, is essentially been used as cover by Soros whose last contribution to them was for $50,000.

Oh and Soros didn't even give the AFSJ the money directly. He had his 'charitable' Tides Foundation take care of that. Accordingly both organizations then proceeded state that they donate money to many worthwhile organizations and initiatives and that they have no control over what's done with money after it's been allocated.

In any event, the link below should provide a few more details on Antifa, their link to the group, and the final money trail back to Soros and his not so well concealed involvement in what has become the professional political disruption business here in the U.S.

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