Monday, June 13, 2016

Think The Orlando Moslem Shooter Was A Deluded Religious Fanatic? Check Out His Father!

Apparently this kid was fated for infamy from the day he was born. Apparently his father believes himself to be the head of the 'Afghani Government In Exile". He apparently believed that punishing gays was not the job of other people, and that it was up to Allah to hand down righteous justice.

So I'm going to guess that his son just wanted to facilitate the time of the meeting.

Oh yeah, you can't make this shit up.

Sidenote: The NY Daily News already put out their headline today reading "Thanks NRA"

So this guy has a father that is a religious fanatic, he was able to go out and buy some firearms after being investigated by the FBI (twice), was able to pass a background check at a private security firm that does business with Homeland Security and obtained an armed security guard's license that involved a background check.

Oh yeah, and he used to beat his wife too!

And a former co-worker told his employers (G4S Security Services) that the guy was a racist and a homophobe and talked about killing people all the time, but the company did nothing because they didn't want any legal problems about harassing a Moslem.

But it's the NRA's fault of course......


The guy was a Moslem so the anti-gun angle will fade in a week or less.

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