Tuesday, May 2, 2017

More ANTIFA Follies, or, Oh Shit, He was One Of Us?

So during one of the ANTIFA riots, er ah, I mean 'Protests' at Berkley a couple of weeks ago, a "trump" supporter was sprayed with OC and beat with a skateboard. ATt least that's what was reported. However, as usual, truth was not just stranger than fiction, but actually funnier.

Now the actual events never got any mention in either the mainstream or conservative media. Therefore I am providing a link to what actually happened.

Now just so you don't go into this blind, I will summarize the situation for you.

In short, the 'Trump' supporter turned out to be an ANTIFA idiot who lost his mask, and his hoodie fell away who got physically abused by his imbecilic buddies simply because,HEY! no mask, no hoodie, it must be one of the fascists!!

You just can't make this shit up.


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