Monday, July 25, 2016

Louisville Slugger -Fu

How could I pass this one up?


Felix Irkinas said...

So, if you have an axe, do you need to have a shovel? We all have the right to defend ourselves, but, some brain-dead people think there are rules you need to follow. That is ludicrous, as any one knows, it is kick, bite, scratch, maul etc. out in the streets. Whatever I find laying around or in my pocket, I will use to ensure my survival...Thank You all and have a nice day!

Felix Irkinas said...

And don't forget a ball or two. Defending yourself has gotten too complicated. People who grew up before political correctness and bullshit "Rules of Engagement" had to fend for ourselves with sticks, bricks, rocks, bottles etc. and it didn't matter if you minded your own business and stayed away from hoodlums, because when they were hungry or thirsty, they would find you and you would have to fight them off or surrender...I will do whatever it takes to keep me above ground from a world gone want fries with that!

Blackthorn D. Stick said...

You're right, I almost forgot about the baseballs.

But hey, who said anything about self defense? I'm just reminding people that if want to engage in contact sports, you need to have all the right equipment.

But hey, what do I know? :-)