Monday, January 6, 2014

Think You'll Save Money By Buying An Electric Car Or Hybrid??

Think again, and never underestimate the creativity of politicians when they start losing Tax revenue. The article linked below is a perfect example.
And even better (for the politicians) is that they get to track you wherever you go!
Of course they just have to do that in order to collect the revenues.

Or do they?

The simple fact is that there's no need for trackers at all. As far as I know, every state in the union requires a motor vehicle inspection once a year. At the time the safety inspection and/or emissions test is done, the testing location is required to record the vehicles mileage and provide that information with both safety and emissions results to the state motor vehicle department. It should then be a simple matter of determining how many miles had been driven in the year since the last inspection. At that point a bill could be sent to the vehicle owner, or the amount could be added to the cost of renewing the vehicles registration.
Now personally, Ireally think the whole idea stinks, but if it should come to pass, there is no reason to install tracking devices on peoples cars.
Unless the conspiracy theorists are right and the government does just want to spy on us 24/7/365. :-/

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