Thursday, September 12, 2013

Colorado Recall Of Anti-Gun State Senators Successful

It was a blip in the mainstream news for just one day. I gues the Anti-Gunners don't like publicizing their defeats. With the usual screams of 'voter suppression' and the like, the Democrats tried as hard a sthey could to spin away their loss. The best part is that Democratic State senators Morse and Giron received $3,000,000 (yes, that says three million) mostly from out of state anti-gun groups and rich anti-gun supporters, whule the recall proponents were only able to secure $540,000.
The interesting part is that while the NRA contributed $316,000, Mike bloomberg put up $350,000.
Proof that his name is poison in almost any pro-gun state where he sticks his nose. His bullshit Mayors Against Illegal Guns group has a dismal record of political victories, and it's membership is dwindling precipitously.

The new laws in Colorado that instigated the recall effort will probably stay on the books, but this was a wake up call to other anti-gun pols to be careful which bills they support,oppose or sidestep in the future. It also points up that if you want keep from being abused by the Anti-Gun groups, stop pissing and moaning about the NRA, and instead, write a damned check instead of whining about how unfair things are.

Here is a link to an article. There are others, just use your Google-Fu skills to find them.

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