Sunday, April 14, 2013

Drones, Google, Hypocrisy, And Technology That Defies Control

You guys had to know that I would get back to Drones sooner or later, right? Anyway, in this article:

The head of Google manages to make a complete asshole of himself (IMNSHO). First of all for Google to suddenly be worried about peoples privacy rights is the epitome of hypocritical horseshit. The only time Google worries about the common persons privacy is when they aren't making a buck out of invading it. These are the douchebags that invented 'Google Glasses', and have no qualms about sharing any digital info they have about you for free with just about any governmental agency that asks, and any business that's willing to pay for it

Secondly, when he talks about regulating the technology, come on, give me a fucking break. This asshole knows better than anybody that once a new technology gets out to the public in this day and age, the ability of stopping it's spread is virtually non-existent. If you've been following my blog for at least 6 months I think Ive presented enough evidence of that.

Strange times are ahead folks, and they're coming sooner than later.

And hell, I'm not even a conspiracy theorist, I'm just a plain, old fashioned cynical son of a bitch.

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