Sunday, October 14, 2012

And On The "Green" Front

The planet is several million years old. Accurate scientific records for weather recording only go back to about 1880. Do I believe in Climate Change? Yes I do. Do I believe the hype and bullshit being thrown around the last few years, and that man is behind Climate Change. No I don't.

I also believe that a whole bunch of people, scientists, businessmen, and politicians are using hype and scare tactics to gain wealth and power for themselves by using Climate change.

Fortunately there are other people out there who prefer to try putting facts out there for rest of us to use so that we can make our own informed decisions that are not based on emotional, and self serving drivel, put out by people and organizations that have something to gain.

For some facts, you can try reading "State Of Fear" by Michael Crichton. You can also try the link to the article below.

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