Monday, August 29, 2011

Irene - The Aftermath

Okey-Dokey! Well, the storm itself didn't do much as far as extraordinary damage goes by way of S.I. New York standards. Some bad flooding in the neighborhoods generally considered "the usual suspects" around these parts. Mayor Mickey Mouse, er ahh, I mean Mike Bloomberg orederd mandatory evacuations of over 300,000 residents in the 5 boroughs.

1400 hundred showed up at the evac. centers he set up. Now a lot of people went to stay with relatives in other parts of the city, and to be quite honest, it would appear that whole boatload wound up staying in local bars.

Hey, NYC may be a liberal bastion, but we're still a party town!

The next time Mayor Mike wants mandatory evacuations, he might consider allowing the cops to actually arrest people who resist. Ahem......

He also had the MTA shutdown the entire mass transit system. To a certain degree, not a bad idea. OTOH, it also smacks of overkill.

Considering how badly he got his ass reamed for being in Bermuda (or was it the Bahamas) when we got socked with over two feet of snow last winter, I guess his overzealous paranoia is understandable. Especially for the vain, petty, power hungry, uber-rich, arrogant horses ass that he essentially is.

Anyhow, My health has been shit for the last 6 months on an on-again/off-again (more on than off) so I've really neglected the Blog. Between back, leg, neck and for the past week, kidney stone problems (have you ever tried manning the bucket brigade to keep your basement from flooding while you feel like you've been beaten across the kidney with a baseball bat?).I'll try to rectify that (if anyone cares) over the next couple/few weeks. Lessons learned from Irene, and some gear reviews will probably make up the bulk of them.

Anyway, until then, good night to you Irene survivors, and to anybody else who actually follows this blog (and the hit counter says that there are more than a few of you).

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