Monday, December 7, 2009

Hot Tuna at the Beacon 12-05-09

By now you guys must have figured out that I'm a big fan of HOT F##KING TUNA!!!!

Saw the show with my friend Mike. My son was supposed to come with us, but he came down with the flu.

It snowed on the way while I was driving into Manhattan. Add in all the holiday traffic, and all the changes in the traffic patterns that have been enacted by that shithead Bloomberg and his entourage of alleged geniuses, and getting up to the Beacon in time was little short of a nightmare.

But hey, at least I lucked out and found parking within minutes of getting there!

A quick burger at the Utopia Diner, and inside we went. One little hitch though.....

They FRISKED everybody!! I mean not for anything, but the Hot Tuna crowd is made up essentially of ex-hippies in their 50s and 60s.

Not exactly your typical troublemaking crowd.

Suffice to say I wound up having to toss one of my knives in the garbage bin!

Ahem, you'll note I said one. Heh, heh, heh......

Anyway, after several Jack Daniels and listening to Loudon Wainwright (the 3rd) handle the warmup, Hot Tuna came out SMOKING!!!!

And they didn't let up for the rest of the night. Two solid hours of Jorma and Jack proving that even at 70, they've still got it!!

What a night!

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