Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hot Tuna! 50 Years of Jorma & Jack!

I've been following Tuna for over 30 yrs, and I'll keep on going to their shows for as long as either they're playing, or I'm still breathing. Saw this show at Town Hall in NYC on 12-3-2008. I went with my son and my friend Mike.

Had dinner at RUB(Righteous Urban Barbeque) first. You just can't beat their pulled pork or chicken.
A couple of beers and then the mandatory shot of Jack Daniels before heading off to the show.

The orchestra seats weren't too shabby at all. A good time was had by all! (except for my friend T.C. who was in Aruba with his wife) I decided to torture him by leaving several voice mails consisting of Tuna playing in the background.
What can I say, I'm just evil that way! LOL!!

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