Friday, August 15, 2008

Just For A Comparison..

In my last post about the MoraKniv Scout, I alluded to The Drawpoint 1 video from James Keating. The knife he used in the video, and personally favored for his Drawpoint system was the Gryphon M10.

I thought I'd put up this picture so that if anbody is actually reading this Blog (and my Hit Counter apparently says that people are) they can see the similarities and differences.
The main similarities being that hey have the same overall length, the same blade length, they both have stainless steel blades, and they both have handles made of synthetic materials.
As for differences, the Gryphon has what is considered better blade steel (that's a matter of opinion), and the Gryphon has a superior sheath (no argument there).
The biggest difference of course being the price, as the Gryphon retails for about $110.00

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