Tuesday, July 15, 2008

One Of My Hobbies

I like knives, I always have. I've owned, used, and trashed so many over the years (OK, decades) that I couldn't even begin to tell you how many I've owned. What I've discovered is that it has usually turned out to be the the simplest, smallest, and most innocuous ones that I have gotten the most use out of.

The TOPS A.L.R.T. falls into that category. Lightweight, solid, simple, and non-threatening to the sheeple (if you don't know what that means, you probably shouldn't be wasting your time at this blog).

It comes with a kydex sheath, a small carabiner clip, a ball chain, and a small LED penlight that runs on 3 button cells. Sharp as a razor and only about 3 3/8" long, it's great for cutting boxes, trimming paper, and other assorted household and office type supply room functions.

I can even see where it might come in handy for "social work".

I picked mine up for $23.13 and it's proven to be a real bargain so far. Give it a try, you won't be sorry.


Don R. said...


I had no idea you had a blog! 8-)


Blackthorn D. Stick said...


Like I said im my first post, I just wanted to see what was involved in setting one of these things up. It wasn't anywhere near as difficult as I thought. Doing things like this helps keep me up to speed on computer use skills. An unfortunate, yet unavoidable part of day to day living in the 21st century.
In any event it's good to see you up and writing again.
Oh, and BTW, just in case you were wondering, in the photo at my profile, I'm the long-haired guy with the Jack Daniels in his hand, not the guy with the tie, or the Blonde with the tray! LOL!!


Stickgrappler said...


that looks interesting. i used to have a spyderco delica as my EDC, but i have stopped carrying it for various reasons. if i were to carry again, this may be what the dr. ordered :-)

thank you.

very truly yours in the MA,